Imperial County Transportation Committee

Annual salary range: $130,000 to $165,000
The County provides an excellent array of benefits.
Application deadline: Monday, June 27, 2022.

Imperial County Transportation Commission is seeking an Executive Director.

The ICTC or “Commission” was established under Senate Bill 607 (SB 607-Ducheny) in 2009 and became effective on January 1, 2010. As a county transportation commission, ICTC, on behalf of its member agencies, is enabled to exercise leadership in the regional transportation and transit planning and programming process.

The Executive Director reports to ICTC’s Board of Commissioners, comprised of 10 elected officials representing ICTC’s member agencies. The Commission meets monthly. Since September 2000, Mr. Mark Baza has served in this top leadership role and retired in late 2021. Under his leadership, ICTC has made significant impacts locally and regionally. In seeking a new Executive Director, the key responsibilities of this position will remain consistent and will include providing executive leadership and guidance to the policymakers that form the nucleus of this Agency and ultimately promote ICTC’s mission through the concept of shared governance and regional collaboration. This mission, which spans an array of complex issues, continues to provide improved quality of life and sustainable communities for the member agencies located in Imperial County.

The Executive Director will be able to use their knowledge of transportation systems and strategically guide ICTC while working in tandem with the governing body of Elected Officials and other regulatory, environmental, and partner agencies. A successful Executive Director will prioritize staff and board development, work collaboratively within the organization, and drive discussions on an array of complex topics. The Executive Director will have the ability to understand new and existing legislation and the funding sources that impact ICTC, including grant funding and applications. This confident and engaging professional will have a strong political acumen and find solutions to critical issues such as controversial topics and regulatory and environmental compliance. The selected candidate will be able to cultivate and implement entrepreneurial approaches to issues identified by member agencies and outside interests, as well as place the Agency in the position as the region’s respected and appropriate arbitrator for how to move forward.

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