A message to Assembly and Senate: Don’t forget where you came from.

Yolo County Supervisor Mike McGowan was quoted in the Sacramento Bee, Woodland Daily Democrat and Davis Enterprise with attacks on our state elected officials for not doing their jobs.

We agree with McGowan.

The reality is that local government bodies all over California are balancing their budgets and acting responsibly while the Governor and Legislature have largely ignored problems with the corrections system, a structural deficit and a struggling economy.

In past years, state government may have been able to assist California’s economic recovery. Not this time. The economy will not improve because of the Legislature. When it recovers, it will be despite the 120 elected representatives in both houses.

Those members of Assembly and Senate, who began in local office, have forgotten where they came from. When the budget package is completed later this week, they will simply pass the responsibility back to the people who really get things done in California – local governments.