The PublicCEO Report is a video and podcast series hosted by PublicCEO Owner and Tripepi Smith President Ryder Todd Smith. In each Report, Ryder sits down with a thought leader to talk policy, current events, personal experiences and challenges facing local government. Our hope is that these unedited, unscripted conversations inspire and inform listeners so they can be more effective change-makers at their agency.

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PublicCEO Report 34

Kings County’s Kyria Martinez

PublicCEO Report 33

Cal Cities President Ali Sajjad Taj

PublicCEO Report 32

Nielsen Merksamer’s Chris Skinnell & National Demographics Corp’s Doug Johnson

PublicCEO Report 31

Renne Public Law Group’s Jonathan Holtzman

PublicCEO Report 30

California Joint Powers Insurance Authority’s Jonathan Shull

PublicCEO Report 29

MMANC’s John Stefanski

PublicCEO Report 28

CCCA’s Marcel Rodarte

PublicCEO Report 27

MMASC’s Dominique Samario

PublicCEO Report 26

CAPIO’s Erin Morales

PublicCEO Report 25

Rose Institute of State and Local Government’s Ken Miller

PublicCEO Report 24

City of Roseville’s Sean Bigley & Regional Water Authority’s Jim Peifer

           PublicCEO Report 23

City Manager Q&A with Cal Cities City Managers Department President Justin Hess

PublicCEO Report 22

California Association for Local Economic Development’s Gurbax Sahota

PublicCEO Report 21

Southern California Water Coalition’s Charley Wilson & Santa Margarita Water District’s Jim Leach

PublicCEO Report 20

West Coast Arborists’ Andrew Trotter

PublicCEO Report 19

California Mayors Coalition’s Beth Haney and Geoff Kors

PublicCEO Report 18

Raymond James’ Jose Vera & Parker Colvin

PublicCEO Report 17

California JPIA’s Kelly Trainer Policky

PublicCEO Report 16

Nielsen Merksamer’s Chris Skinnell & National Demographics Corp’s Doug Johnson

PublicCEO Report 15

Municipal Management Association of Southern California’s Tanya Spiegel

PublicCEO Report 14

California Association of Public Information Officials’ Maurice Chaney

PublicCEO Report 13

Institute for Local Government’s Erica Manuel

PublicCEO Report 12

California Contract Cities Association’s Lindsey Horvath

PublicCEO Report 11

HdL Companies’ Andy Nickerson

PublicCEO Report 10

USC Sol Price School of Public Policy’s Frank Zerunyan

PublicCEO Report 9

California Choice Energy Authority’s Jason Caudle

PublicCEO Report 8

Nextdoor’s Joseph Porcelli

PublicCEO Report 7

California Joint Powers Insurance Agency’s Jonathan Shull

PublicCEO Report 6

National Demographics Corporation’s Doug Johnson and Nielsen Merksamer’s Christopher Skinnell

PublicCEO Report 5

Six Heron’s Juan Garza

PublicCEO Report 4

Cllimatec’s Ashley Cascio & Tyler Girtman

PublicCEO Report 3

My Mask Movement’s Jesse Chang

           PublicCEO Report 2

FlashVote’s Kevin Lyons

          PublicCEO Report 1

California City Management Foundation’s Ken Pulskamp