City Managers and public administrators of all shapes and form constantly look for new ideas and information that can save time and money. 
None of us want to reinvent the wheel. We want to get the best ideas and most current information to help our elected leaders and staff do the very best job they can. is a new Web site designed to share excellent staff reports, current and relative news and provide a forum for anyone interested in government. Sometimes, we need a laugh and some of the strangest things happen that is worth sharing.  We learn from pretty much everything we do. will be one of the premier resources that we can go to on a daily basis to keep current.  The best resource comes from the field and if everyone shares information, ideas or opinions on issues, we could participate in a “one-stop-shop” with our first cup of coffee in the morning. 
My name is Rick Kirkwood and I recently retired after 32 years in public administration, 29 years as City Manager in California, Washington and Utah.  I have had the opportunity to get a close up look of what this new site can offer and I am convinced that this participative, interactive site will become an excellent resource that will save us time and money.  
I will see you on the blog.
  – Rick Kirkwood