At its meeting of March 19, the CSAC Board of Directors voted to remain neutral on the six (6) ballot measures, Propositions 1A – 1F, to be put before voters at the special election on May 19.  While some of the propositions would affect programs managed by California counties, the Board of Directors determined that a neutral stance was the appropriate position for the Association.

I have read news reports on discussions held by individual counties that imply that CSAC’s position is a recommendation to counties.  Such is not the case.  CSAC takes a position on ballot measures as an association – one that is balanced among and between the vast diversity of our members.  CSAC does not purport to recommend to individual counties what position they should take on a measure.  Each county should weigh the pros and cons of each issue and take a position accordingly.  While CSAC’s position may be one consideration, it is not intended to be the determining factor.

CSAC is happy to provide counties with a balanced, objective analysis of ballot measures and explain the intricacies and expected county impacts of each measure.  Counties may then use that material to reach their own conclusion on whether or not to take a position on a measure and what that position, if any, should be.

Paul McIntosh
Executive Director
California State Association of Counties