A new Web site dedicated to local politics throughout California launched in April. PublicCEO.com is a must-read for public administrators and those who follow local government. Welcome.

At PublicCEO.com, local governments share information with one another, thus helping public executives to administer their own city/county/special district. PublicCEO.com provides public executives the needed information to excel in their public service and foster cohesion among governments.

The new Web site seeks to facilitate the occupational demands of City Managers, County Administrators, public executives and elected officials by providing relevant information and timely news about California’s local governments.

With a team of talented local government experts throughout the state, PublicCEO.com will be rolling out daily features, profiles, editorials, blogs and breaking news from California’s many local regions. In all, the site will cover California’s 480 incorporated cities, 58 counties and 2,300 special districts.

The site also hosts a large inventory of detailed staff reports from local government across California, organized by topic. Rather than local government representatives having to reinvent the wheel on each public policy issue, public administrators can use PublicCEO.com to find ideas and examples from other local governments.

PublicCEO.com will be the place where public officials and journalists come first to read about local government. PublicCEO is a must-read for everyone involved or interested in local government.

Questions, comments or ideas? Send them along to jspencer@publicCEO.com


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