The people of California are among the highest taxed in America.

Public administrators will be paying attention today, on tax day, as Tea Party rallies throughout California will display disgust for tax hikes.

Much has changed since the 1773 Boston Tea Party, but the message remains the same: Stop taking our hard-earned money.

Of course, other opinions vary.

We polled an assortment of PublicCEO readers for the purpose of this blog. Here are the different public opinions of today’s Tea Party rallies.

  • “Some of the frustration is real, but a lot of it is just knee-jerk republicanism. A lot of the people tomorrow would still vote for McCain. There is no ‘fiscal conservative’ out there whom anyone supports. The republican party sucks; they have nothing and have become so PC. The real tea party should be at the polls but those campaigns usually dumb down the discussion and no real change occurs. Too many incumbents get reelected. The people got the government they deserved, they should be more angry with themselves.”

  • “Sure, it sucks. Money earned is going to someone who didn’t work for it. But revenues are down everywhere. Local governments are struggling because housing prices have dropped so much.”

  • “Great idea. It’s a creative way to express dissatisfaction with wasteful government spending and high taxes that discourage business and economic growth.”

  • “Stupid, angry, old people. Cry me a river!”

  • “It’s just another way for republicans to make their point as loudly as possible.”

  • “Tomorrow, people throughout the country will peacefully protest the mishandling of public money by their elected officials. The tea parties are emblematic of a long American tradition to civilly protest when government has strayed off course. Tomorrow, American people will show the world that they believe in their inalienable rights to a government for the people, by the people, and that we will fight for that right.”

  • ““It’s a creative way to express the deep and wide spread dissatisfaction of taxpayers with the irresponsible and nearly unconscionable spending of big government.”

  • “I support citizens’ right to free speech… even if that speech is uninformed and shortsighted, as is the case with the supporters of the tax tea party.”

  • “I think people should calm down and go to work.”

  • “Tomorrow’s Tea Parties planned throughout the country will be largely attended and largely ignored by most media sources as it will prove that not all American’s are enamored with the idea of a Socialist America. I believe this is the beginning of a large movement that seems to be gaining momentum.”

  • “Rich people will not be on the streets for these rallies. Only uneducated people who think they are being taxed because they watch Fox news. I don’t approve of tax hikes, not 100 percent in favor of Obama policies, but this is a joke.”

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