Today is tax day.  

Every year, individuals wait until the last minute to complete their tax forms required by the state and federal government.  Probably a couple people around your offices today were up late last night.

Clearly, a debate can be had regarding an improved or different tax policy and procedure.  We will leave that up to the elected officials.

Local governments that receive property and sales tax payments need to be reminded that people work hard for their money and that they have the responsibility to make sure the resources given to them are used efficiently.

Today, as images flash on the television or computer screen of people who are protesting or counter protesting currently proposed taxes, local governments need to make sure that its own organization is giving the public the best bang for its buck.

Decision makers need to spend each dollar as if they earned it on their own.

Take notice of how unlikely it is that people will ever want less service. They probably want more service and to pay less for it – and that is the joy of serving people in local government.