Why reinvent the wheel?  

The collective talent of the staff here at PublicCEO.com really is a public treasure of information.  

PublicCEO.com is fast becoming an organized, one-stop shop to get quick and reliable access to all types of information, including current staff reports and research as part of public record that all public agencies can benefit from.  

PublicCEO.com hosts a large inventory of detailed staff reports from local government across California, organized by topic. Rather than local government representatives having to reinvent staff reports on each public policy issue, public administrators can use PublicCEO.com to find ideas and examples from other local governments.

We know that we must work smarter, faster and turn around information that is reliable, meaningful and useful.  Time is valued in such fast-paced environments, so it’s important that colleagues in the public sector take advantage of the excellent work that is available by a simple click on PublicCEO.com.

Let’s create this huge library of staff reports and take advantage of the technology for ease of research and distribution to anyone who needs the information.

Especially in these difficult economic times, we need to find ways to help one another. We have interagency agreements, share resources, reduce and spread costs in so many ways.  

The intellectual property is public property that needs to be shared as well.  

PubicCEO.com has a great idea to recognize excellent staff reports on a recurring basis. The goal will be to award the most valuable staff reports an award each week.

The recognition will go toward the writer and their city. The report, along with our goal of thousands more great reports, will be filed in our online file cabinet. The PublicCEO.com staff reports compilation will become the first place public officials check before beginning to write their own.

I urge you to contribute your excellent staff reports to PublicCEO. You can send them along to editor, James Spencer, at jspencer@publicCEO.com.

Our network is fairly small so why not help each other to help the public.
Rick Kirkwood
Retired City Manager

Rick Kirkwood recently retired following 32 years in public administration; 29 years as a City Manager in California, Washington and Utah. You can weigh in on his blogs through the comment board below.