Propositions 1A-1E will add $16 to $30 million in new taxes for temporary relief to the budget.  

Most executives I know are adverse to short-term fixes with long-term tax consequences.  It can be argued that the legislature carefully crafted these bills to give them “flexibility” to interpret constitutional provisions.

I am sure we agree that the public is forgiving and sometimes forgetful of the propositions that were previously voted upon and these propositions may undo some of those.

Proposition 1F is designed to eliminate pay raises (not reduce or eliminate their pay) for the legislature when the state is running a deficit.  Most likely this is fairly innocuous as the Commission will increase the legislators pay during the year when a deficit is not projected.  Kind of a catch-up provision.   

Do you agree that the ballot measures are intended to give the legislature political cover?  

Regardless of the outcome, do you think passage or failure will fix the systemic problems the state has brought upon itself?   

What is your opinion?

Rick Kirkwood

Rick Kirkwood recently retired following 32 years in public administration; 29 years as a City Manager in California, Washington and Utah. You can weigh in on his blogs through the comment board below.