The Sacramento Bee is reporting that Governor Schwarzenegger will release two versions of the May Revision this Thursday.  See the report here

The Bee report quotes the Governor as follows “Whether they pass or fail, I think we have the responsibility to plan for either of the scenarios,” Schwarzenegger said at the Culver City Senior Center today. “That’s why we are doing now our May Revise. And when we do our May Revise this time, which we will announce on May 14, we will see two May Revises, so the people (see) what the difference is.

“If on May 19 it passes, here’s one scenario … if those initiatives don’t pass, then here’s the other scenario with the more severe cuts.”

CSAC will continue to monitor this situation and report accordingly.  If and when the May Revision(s) are released, CSAC will provide a full analysis of the proposed impacts on California’s counties.

Obviously, if these revision(s) are released this week, there will be great focus on these proposals during the CSAC Legislative Conference to be held May 27 and 28 here in Sacramento.  If you have not yet registered, there is still time.  Click here to access registration.