The City of Sunnyvale has put into place a new program that is set to create new jobs and bring projects that have been put on the back burner to reality in the near future.

This major program, called, Sunnyvale Works! is set to fund nearly $60 million in projects on an accelerated schedule.

The City manager of Sunnyvale, Gary Luebbers stated in a city press release, “Because of the way Sunnyvale prepares its budgets, using a 20-year budgeting forecast, we are in a unique position to bolster our local economy.

“We are going to take that money that would normally be spent over the next half-dozen years, and we are going to move those projects to the here and now.”

Luebbers further explained that City staff would be shifted to ensure there are enough people to be able to review plans and perform required site inspections.”

By bringing these projects to the forefront of the city’s plan to grow and move forward, they will be funding nearly 600 jobs in the city.

Sunnyvale Works! is using the knowledge that these hard economic times have made it difficult for many to find and continue working. By accelerating these city projects, the city will receive the benefit of reduced costs because construction bids are ultimately lower, to keep their employees working.

According to Sunnyvale’s city Web site, the city welcomes interested bidders to apply for these projects in the works. The city has joined Onivia DemandStar, the leading government purchasing network, which brings together government agencies and suppliers. Suppliers are encouraged to become a member of this organization to receive bidding information and become involved in Sunnyvale Works!.

“In addition to dramatically helping the job market, there will be a trickle-down effect that will benefit local merchants and the city, as workers shop locally, buy gas and eat in Sunnyvale restaurants,” Luebbers said in the release. “It has been described as a perfect win-win situation.”

The City of Sunnyvale, with a population of 137,538, is the second-largest city in Santa Clara County. Sunnyvale was said to be, “One of the best-managed cities in America” as stated by President Clinton in 1993.

The following are a few of the up-and-coming projects the Sunnyvale Works! is striving to accomplish according to the City of Sunnyvale  and Sunnyvale Works!:

The Mathilda Bridge – To widen the bridge while improving pedestrian safety and increasing lighting.
The Wolfe Avenue Bridge – Set forth to repair the joints of the bridge.

Murphy Avenue Streetscape and Utilities – Will work to increase access to Multimodal Transit Station. It will also work to improve out dated utilities and make the landscape more appealing.
Sidewalk and Road Repair –
This project will work towards repairing many of the curbs and sidewalks throughout the City of Sunnyvale.