Local Agency Formation Commissions (LAFCOs) are an important but often ignored part of local government in California.  Usually they get ignored right up until they become key decision-maker in a land use decision.
Most of the time when LAFCO is making the news, something is wrong.

We are currently seeing a crisis drive LAFO attention in Riverside County

The City of Temecula is attempting to quickly annex more than 400 acres of land near the intersection of Interstate 15 and the San Diego and Riverside County line. 

The property is contiguous with the southwestern edge of the current Temecula city limit.
The real reason for the attempted annexation is that Granite Construction is proposing a surface mine on the property that would likely be allowed by Riverside County but prevented if it were within Temecula City Limits.

Now, the Riverside County LAFCO staff has had to make a recommendation in a politically charged environment.

The staff recommendation does not favor annexation and the current membership of the commission does not include Supervisor Jeff Stone (he is an alternate) or any member of the Temecula City Council.

The big show down on this issue is coming on Thursday when Riverside County LAFCO meets at 9 a.m.

PublicCEO.com has no opinion on the outcome of the hearing but cautions each and every public administrator to pay attention to your local LAFCO before it is too late.  

They provide an important and critical function in local government in California.