“High school.”
That might be the best way to explain what’s going on in Jacksonville, N.C. in a story that involves sexual text messages sent to a recently fired City Manager from a City Councilwoman who voted to remove him.

Kristoff Bauer was fired as City Manager earlier this month.

As the rumors go, Bauer was sent a sexually suggestive text message in February from Reva Sullivan, one of the council members who voted to fire him.

The message said, “So, when are you going to try Levitra on me?” according to an article on local news station Web site WITN.com. Levitra is a sexual enhancement product.

Sullivan is claiming that the text message was sent to 25 people in her phone, after her phone was left sitting in her purse in a booth with some friends. She told WITN that after she texted those people the next morning to apologize.

Bauer responded “no problem, sounds like high school.”

Bauer told the station that the apology never took place though. Meanwhile, Sullivan tells WITN News that she is requesting cell phone records to prove the message was sent to 25 people.

Quoted by WITN, Horace Mann, the city’s former planning director and a former member of city council, said, “If the reason she voted to fire him is because he wouldn’t engage in activities as the text message pointed out, if that’s true I’m further shocked and greatly disappointed.”

Included in all this, are late-night phone calls from Sullivan to Bauer’s phone that Sullivan said were accidentally made by her phone.

The article reports that at the time, Bauer confronted Sullivan to stop.