A City Councilman in Texas was arrested and hospitalized after being removed from a council meeting in April 2009. For video of the arrest, click here.

Duncanville City Council member Paul Ford was arrested after making comments that directly challenged Mayor David Green and City Manager Kent Cagle.

According to an article by The Dallas Morning News, the topic of the city’s contract on sealing roadway cracks was brought to the council’s attention. Councilman Ford responded to this issue by stating,

“Earlier this evening during briefing, Mayor Green threatened me that if he told me to stop talking and I didn’t, he’d have me arrested” as reported by the Dallas Morning News.

Ford is known for challenging both Cagle and Green during council meetings. This prompted Mayor Green to enforce a policy, which will remove council members who disrupt meetings by not staying on topic.

Police Chief Robert Brown made the arrest.

“Chief Brown, I will not leave voluntarily,” Ford said on the police video, “but if you believe I am violating the law by discussing this agenda item, I will submit to arrest.”

“Mr. Ford has chosen to make an example out of this tonight,” Green said. “So the action was taken.”

Ford was hospitalized for injuries he sustained during the arrest. Ford could face jail time.

A clip on YouTube shows the arrest being made, including a bit of a show put on by Ford.