California local government is a training ground for the state legislature. 

Numerous former local government officials now occupy seats in the Assembly and Senate. The problem is, that too many times these elected officials forget their local government roots when they get to Sacramento.

As local government advocates descend on Sacramento over the next month, many of us will point out the lack of understanding of local government issues under the Capitol dome.  However, to be effective, we also need to thank those Legislators who have stood with us under difficult circumstances.

The best recent example is Senator Lois Wolk (D-Davis).  A former Yolo County Supervisor and Mayor of Davis, Wolk stood out last week by refusing to vote in favor of AB 155 (Mendoza) despite enormous pressure placed on her by the leadership of her Caucus.

AB 155 is an attempt to take away local control during bankruptcy proceedings. 

It is opposed by a long list of cities, counties and various associations.  Although we don’t know Wolk’s motivation for refusing to support the bill, we are encouraged by her independence.

It is refreshing to see someone stand up to his or her own party during these times.

It gives hope.

When you come to Sacramento to talk about needed resources for local government, don’t forget to thank people like Wolk for standing with local government on a bill that has political consequences.

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