A diary written by the Kansas City mayor’s wife, which included critical remarks of members of the City Council, was released to the public after being saved on the city’s computer system.

According to a Kansas City Star article, Gloria Squitiro, wife of mayor Mark Funkhouser, wrote a 35-page diary taking shots at Council members, Funkhouser’s staff, the media and even Funkhouser himself.

The entire diary was sent to council members as part of documents gathered in an ongoing lawsuit between the city and a former mayoral aide, according to the article.

Excerpts reported by the Star include:

“The hypocrisy of the female council members makes me want to puke,” Squitiro wrote and “I was bitter and angry and that I couldn’t believe that I was living in this backward, Podunk city.”

To make matters worse, a piece on the Star’s Web site reported that a former mayoral staffer testified in a deposition that Squitoro made raunchy sexual comments about staff and created a troubling office atmosphere.

Squitoro’s involvement as a volunteer in her husband’s office led to an ordinance passed by the City Council that prohibited volunteers from working regularly in city offices.

More excerpts from the Star’s Web site include:

“She’s desperate for approval and attention, yet she’s a joke in the eyes of most,” Squitiro writes about Councilwoman Beth Gottstein.

“I despise (Council member) Jan Marcason with a vigor and energy that knows no bounds.”

About Councilman Bill Skaggs: “This guy is a moron if he thinks he can get out of this with his usual wink and nod.”

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