A guide to the recent news with California’s City Managers. This most recent edition includes Rohnert Park’s City Manager offering to pay his own benefits, a Bay Area City Manager retiring after 30 years in local government, Temple City Council begins interviewing today for its new City Manager and more comings and goings.

  • Temple City Council will begin interviewing candidates today for a new City Manager. – Pasadena Star-News
  • Rohnert Park’s City Manager offered to pay his own retirement benefit costs, totaling in a 7 percent salary decrease. – The Press Democrat

  • Pacific Grove City Council has its pick for City Manager, but has announced who that is just yet. – Monterey County Herald

  • Interim City Manager Finds Positives during Cities Toughest Time. Increasing foreclosures, local business collapse, severe budget problems and sales tax percentages near all-time lows are just a few of the challenges Len Wood has had to face. – PublicCEO.com

  • Larkspur’s City Manager, Jean Bonander, will retire at the end of the year after 30 years in city government and 15 years running Larkspur. – Contra Costa Times

  • The public service career of Lamont Ewell will come to a close after 34 years of service. The Santa Monica City Manager announced his intention to step down at the end of this year, so to give the city ample time to conduct a nationwide search for his successor. – PublicCEO.com

  • Anderson will hire Acting City Manager, Dana Shigley, permanently to the position. – Anderson Valley Post

  • New City Manager of Novato, Michael Frank, is quickly under the gun after an extremely gloomy fiscal forecast was presented to the City Council. Expecting a $5 million shortfall each year for the next five years. Frank said “It’s a huge number and it’s upsetting.” – The Marin IJ