City Council at-large candidate – and gang leader – Jorge Cornell was arrested in Greensboro, North Carolina for resisting a public officer.

On Saturday, Cornell was seen at a free downtown concert with members of the Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation, a group that also doubles as his campaign staff. His official campaign Web site can be found here.

According to an article by the News & Record, off-duty police officers saw a group of people wearing colors associated with Cornell’s gang, as well as known members flashing signs to a rival gang.

Cornell stepped between the arresting officer and a member of his gang, leading to his arrest.

“You want to arrest me because I am running for City Council,” Cornell said.

This is not the first time Cornell has been arrested in connection to gang related activities.

Police Chief of Greensboro, Tim Bellamy, stands behind his officers for the arrest of Cornell.

“Officers were asking them to stop flashing (gang) signs and go back on the curb,” Bellamy said.

“Mr. Cornell intervened with (an officer). The officer tried to back away and the officer did what he was supposed to do.”