A mayor’s assistants have brought to light the irresponsible professional requests of their boss, including shopping for his family members and cancelling his Playboy subscription.

Mayor James Holley in Portsmouth, Va. Was fined $2,500 last month by his colleagues over a memo sent by his most recent assistant that listed 44 personal tasks that the mayor demanded.

The Council members later wrote in a letter that Holley’s behavior has been an ongoing pattern and that he didn’t have any plans to change, according to The Virginian-Pilot.

Holley was the first Virginia mayor to be recalled in 1987.

Along with demeaning his assistants, Holley requests have ranged from ordering clothing, buying gifts, shopping for family members.

Holley threatened to fire his assistants if they did not complete these tasks. His assistants have claimed city work is nearly impossible to complete when personal errands are added on top.

The city now faces lawsuits from assistants that feel they have been wronged.