Additions have been made to the staff reports vault from Solano County, and the cities of Modesto, San Diego and San Mateo.

The reports from Solano County include an approval of a rural residential zoning district to legalize a septic system and the 2009 housing element update.

A resolution adopting a bill of rights for children and youth has been created in the city of San Mateo.

An insurance workers compensation report has been filed in the city of Modesto,  and a proposal for implementation of accounts payable has made in the city of San Diego. is an accessible source to all types of information, including current staff reports and research as part of public record that all public agencies can benefit from. hosts a large inventory of detailed staff reports from local government across California. Rather than local government representatives having to reinvent staff reports on each public policy issue, public administrators can use to find ideas and examples from other local governments.

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