Director of Orange County Public Works, Bryan Speegle, will retire after more than 26 years with the County.

According to a Los Angeles Times piece, a July report found his planning department in “critical condition” and resulted in an official call for its overhaul. County spokesman Howard Sutter said tht Speegle did not specify a reason for his decision.

According to a county press release, Jess Carbajal will serve as Interim Director of OC Public Works, as named by County Executive Officer Thomas G. Mauk.

Previous to taking over the Director position in 2004, Speegle served as Planning and Development Director for the county. Speegle had numerous achievements over the years, including the development of the first comprehensive Land Use Element of the General Plan in 1973 and oversaw the comprehensive update of the plan in 1983.

Previously, Carbajal was the department’s Chief Deputy Director.