East Palo Alto city councilman Peter Evans faces censure for the second time since 2007 because of comments he made that were thought to be inappropriate.

Evans made comments stating that Community Services Director Meda Okelo was not doing his job properly didn’t know what he was doing.

Evans has until October, or until he finishes documentation, to present his argument to the council stating why he should not be censured.

Okelo, who has worked in city government for many years, stated he did not know what would come from this situation.

“Public officials have a moral obligation to conduct deliberation in a respectful manner,” Okelo said.

Okelo associated the situation between himself and Evans as two people looking at the same thing, and seeing it a completely different way.

“It was a big crossing of the line,” Okelo said.

Okelo is holding further comment until a decision has been made on this situation, at which point he will determine the best course of action.

Evans did not return voicemails regarding this situation.