Assistant City Manager Barbara Barnes-Buchanan of Bonita Springs, Fla. was asked to either quit her current post or be fired.

In a time when people are struggling to keep a job they are actually performing, Barnes-Buchanan walked away from her job with $65,000.

Barnes-Buchanan faced termination due to gross negligence of duties, insubordination and poor performance according to the Naples News.

City Manager Gary Price claimed Barnes-Buchanan will receive 20 weeks severance pay, unused vacation and sick time, plus medical benefits that extend through February 2010.

Barnes-Buchanan received positive performance reviews until this year when she began to contradict previous statements made on city projects, among other slipups.

Council members, as well as other city officials, decided it was time for the city to move on without Barnes-Buchanan.

Price’s termination letter said, “Such conduct included disrespect for the elected officials and lack of candor (dishonesty).”

Although the city of Bonita Springs may be better off without the services of Barnes-Buchanan, there is no question that a large chunk of change was given to a local official not doing their job.

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