San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera has taken action on a criminally loaded business that is responsible for a string of violence including a June death.

After receiving 230 civil service calls in six months, Herrera said enough is enough and put an end to the adult entertainment venue Pink Diamonds in the tenderloin district of San Francisco.

“With our motion today, we’re saying enough is enough – Pink Diamonds needs to be shut down before another life is lost,” Herrera said.

In a statement from the city attorney’s office, a petition was filed with San Francisco Superior Court Judge Peter J. Busch stating the that Pink Diamonds has been host to several illegal acts after the nightclub owner agreed in March 2009 to obey the laws of an injunction. 

A detailed investigation by Herrera proved blatant disregard for the agreement when police reports included illicit drug sales, prostitution, extended hours permit violations, illegal alcohol consumption, noise nuisance violations, and repeated episodes of violence and disturbances of the peace in the surrounding neighborhood, which includes nearby senior housing as stated in Herrera’s statement.

“The operators of this club have demonstrated shocking disregard for public safety, for the law, for the court, for the police and for neighboring residents,” Herrera said. 

“It is obvious that the operators of this nightclub have no interest in running a business within the parameters of the law, and it is equally obvious that this extraordinary step is necessary.”

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