The City of Corona held a study session last week to discuss how to make red light violations a municipal code encroachment and issue an administrative citation as opposed to a traffic citation.

Traffic citations for red light camera violations have been processed through the state, taking as long as ten months for the city to see any revenue.

Mayor of Corona Steve Nolan said, “We all have budget issues and especially our residents. This ‘new found’ revenue is $132 per citation to the city of Corona though it takes ten months to get that from the State of California.”

Nolan showed the council the City of Newman just accomplished this and have allowed their officers to write administrative cites for all violations if they desire.

The current citation is $446 to residents with an additional $100 if they choose traffic school. If they are late sending the money an additional $300 is added.

“In these economic times, let alone good times, this fine is devastating to families, single parents, the elderly on fixed income and just about everyone else,” Nolan said.

“An administrative citation brings in $100 to the City with no 10-month delay.”

Nolan said there has not been an official decision made on this issue yet, but intends to pursue an ordinance similar to the city of Newman.

Corona will continue to study whether this should go beyond red light camera violations.

Nolan said one councilmember voiced that at only a $100 fine, she might be inclined to run the light herself if it meant she would not “be late for a meeting.”

“85 percent of these violations are for low-speed right and left turns and not the more hazardous straight through violation. These are designed for revenue generation and not necessarily to ‘save lives,’” Nolan said.
The effectiveness of the program is not being questioned, but the hardship that $446 causes an individual or family is.
Nolan said there are many cities in the United States that utilize these cameras but none of them come close to $446.

“Only Las Vegas has a higher rate on Las Vegas Blvd,” Nolan said.

The Mayor and City of Corona is speaking out for its citizens by spending time to study and understand this inflated violation and the financial hardship it imposes. 

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