Jason Behrmann has been named the new City Manager of Galt, replacing outgoing City Manager Ted Anderson. Behrmann was promoted from his previous position of Assistant City Manager.

Behrmann will earn a starting salary of $144,084 over a three-year contract. That number will jump to $159,000 after the first year if Behrmann reaches a set of goals set by the Council.

PublicCEO had the chance to chat with Behrmann to discuss his new gig.

Q: What’s the first thing you plan to tackle as Galt’s new City Manager?

I plan to spend a significant amount of time meeting with staff and the council to set clear expectations and direction for the organization.   

Despite the fact that I have been Assistant City Manager in Galt for some time, it is vital that I strengthen existing relationships both inside and outside the organization in order to create an environment where change will not only be tolerated but also embraced.

Relationships are so important to everything we do and hope to accomplish in our jobs and I believe that devoting time to relationship building will be an important priority for me.

Q: What do you see as the biggest issue that needs to be addressed by the city?

We have a number of critical infrastructure projects on the horizon, including a major upgrade to our wastewater treatment plant and rebuilding and expansion of the Central Galt Interchange.

We are using this economic downturn to get the infrastructure in place so that we are ready when the economy recovers. The competitive bid environment that we are experiencing right now also makes it a perfect time to move these projects forward.

Q: How is Galt handling the recent economic downturn?

We are not immune from the effects of the economy but we are fortunate that we have built up our reserves and have been very cautious in our expansion of city services in the past so that we have not been forced to make drastic cuts to services or lay off employees.

Q: What is your relationship with the Galt City Council? What do they expect of you?

I feel I have a very good relationship with each of the Council members and look forward to working with them in my new capacity as City Manager.

Very shortly, I will be sitting down with them to discuss their expectations of me as we work together to establish specific goals and objectives for the city.

However, I believe the biggest expectation they have of me at this time is that I communicate effectively with them and that I continue to evaluate the organization and improve its efficiency.

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