Business Week Magazine recently announced the results of its fourth annual survey of the best places to raise kids and this time around the City of Arcadia was selected as the best California city for the second year in a row. 

Citing a low crime rate, school test scores, air quality, affordability, diversity, amenities/services and quality of life, Business Week decided on this southern California community of 55,000, which is known for being a great place for people of all ages. 

In addition to having excellent public services, outstanding schools and beautiful neighborhoods, Arcadia has also managed to maintain fiscal stability through conservative financial planning and a broad mix of businesses that serve the local and regional area and at the same time fit comfortably into the “community of homes” environment that Arcadians treasure.

“This honor is recognition of the community’s strong commitment to sustaining a high quality of life with top public services and great schools,” said Don Penman, Arcadia City Manager.  “Our residents are interested, involved and a big part of what makes Arcadia such a terrific place to raise a family.”