The following was written by Riverside Mayor Ron Loveridge in response to a PublicCEO article, “The Quality Of Your Water? See Where California Water Districts Rank.”

The article featured a study on the quality of drinking water throughout U.S. large cities that ranked Riverside Public Utilities No. 99 out of 100.

Each day, Riverside Public Utilities delivers more than 70 million gallons of fresh drinking water to households and businesses in our City and every drop of it is clean, safe and of high quality…just as it has been for nearly a century.

A small, Washington DC-based group has recently received a lot of attention for criticizing the quality of water in many cities.   But it misrepresented test results from untreated groundwater as tests of drinking water.  That report has been denounced by water quality experts from around the country, yet the erroneous report continues to circulate.  That is unfair to Riverside residents.

Riverside’s drinking water always meets or surpasses all state and federal water quality standards.

Water is tested all the way from its source to the tap. An independent lab tests nearly 17,000 water samples annually. The results of these tests are reported directly to the California Department of Public Health and then to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Riverside’s reliable water supply starts out as rain or snow that falls on local mountains and foothills.  It collects in underground aquifers or underground lakes and becomes our local water supply. Groundwater, then receives state-of-the-art treatment to ensure it is safe when delivered as clean, fresh water to every customer.

Like all water providers, Riverside spends millions of dollars every year treating our water to ensure its purity. To ignore that treatment and testing process is reckless.

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That openness has paid off for the City despite the adverse media attention.  Surveys tell us that consumer confidence in their own Riverside Public Utilities remains at an all-time high.  We will continue to earn the public’s trust…each and every time you open a faucet or enjoy a refreshing glass of clean, safe water.