An embarrassing scene broke out at a City Council meeting on Tuesday and sent a mayor to the hospital with high blood pressure.

In the city of Davis, in Yolo County, things got a bit dicey when councilwoman Sue Greenwald began repeatedly calling mayor Ruth Asmundson a liar over a labor-contract issue.

Watch the YouTube clip below to see the whole scene unfold.

“Stop calling me a liar,” Asmundson said.

“No I won’t,” Greenwald responded.

Real mature, ladies. This is how elected officials act in a public meeting?

Later, Asmundson said in the meeting, “I want the public to know that since I have worked with Sue the last six years I have been to emergency four times because of her.

“It seems like I am having another anxiety attack here because of the way she treats everybody here.” 

An ambulance ride later, and the mayor spent the night in the hospital. She is now feeling better after tests came out normal.

When the camera went off, things kept going. A very interesting read is David Greenwald’s (no relation) account of what happened later in that night.

The low point of the evening came as they made the decision to move the Mayor into the side conference room.  Councilmember Greenwald continued to try to appeal to City Manager Emlen.  The City Manager told her this was not the appropriate time to have this discussion, but the Councilmember could not take the hint.  She then made a final comment ending it with a very derisive “boy.”  The last comment incensed Bill Emlen and he angrily lunged out of the conference room and straight towards Sue Greenwald, getting up into her face.

Read more of David Greenwald’s full account, here.

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