Republic Services, Inc. and the California Product Stewardship Council (CPSC) last week announced they have formed a partnership to support the concept and implementation of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), otherwise known as Product Stewardship, thanks to a donation of $10,000 by Republic Services.

Johnnie Perkins, Western Regional Director of Republic Services said, “We are very proud to join a growing list of local governments, associations, and companies that support CPSC and its efforts.  This fits in nicely with our mission of being an industry-leader in managing waste materials.  We are not just “waste haulers” anymore; we are waste stream materials managers, protecting today’s environment for a better tomorrow.”

EPR is a policy approach that places a shared responsibility for end-of-life product management on the producers and all entities involved in the product chain, instead of solely being a local government responsibility with costs passed on to the taxpayers and ratepayers. EPR also encourages product design changes that minimize negative impacts on human health and the environment.  EPR drives innovative, thoughtful “green” design and self-sustaining take-back systems that are convenient for consumers.

“For too long the burden of end-of-life management of problem products such as fluorescent lights, household batteries, sharps and other products have been placed on local governments” said Rob D’Arcy, Chair of CPSC. Local governments in California spend over $100,000,000 every year collecting and managing products that are banned from landfills. “We are delighted that Republic has joined a broad coalition of partners that support the mission of producers of products participating in these recycling programs” stated Mary Piepho, Supervisor from Contra Costa County.  Heidi Sanborn, CPSC Executive Director added, “We are sending a signal to product manufacturers they can play a key role not only in managing their products but in redesigning them to be less toxic and more recyclable.”  

CPSC is leading California’s waste management reform by providing outreach and education about Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).  For more information about EPR and statewide efforts by CPSC, contact Heidi Sanborn, CPSC Executive Director: (916) 402.3911 or go to . 

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