If a catastrophic disaster were to occur in California that is beyond the local or state government’s capacity to respond, a private response and recovery operation has been contracted to respond.

AshBritt Environmental was recently awarded the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Region 5 contract for Natural and Man-Made Disaster Response and Recovery operations if a truly catastrophic event(s) were to occur in California. Ashbritt was also awarded contracts in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Nevada.

The contract emphasizes the importance of establishing pre-event contracts. In other words, planning ahead for the worst-case scenario.

Similar disaster relief was utilized in Mississippi and Louisiana as a result of Hurricance Katrina. The contract made with Ashbritt are made available after large scale disasters such as an earthquake, immense wildfires, or another type of natural or man-made disaster that is beyond local government and state’s capacity to respond in a timely manner without federal assistance.

You can read more about the contract and its effects on cities and counties, by contacting Ashbritt Environmental here.

AshBritt Environmental is a national turn key rapid-response disaster recovery and special environmental services contractor and has managed and executed nearly 100 disaster response and recovery projects.

James Spencer can be reached at jspencer@publicceo.com