The City Council of Ridgecrest (Kern County) received recall notices prior to its meeting on Wednesday, March 17.

According to The Daily Independent, members of the City Council have been at war with a citizen group, “Don’t Tread on Me, Citizens for Freedom” (DTOM) over the city’s mandatory trash policy.

The group brought a recent suit against the city hoping to place a voluntary trash initiative on the ballot. But from his comments in the local newspaper, Councilman Jerry Taylor, it sounds like the group’s plan is flawed and he’s hoping this effort will fail and the group will go away.

From The Daily Independent:

Still, “Some individuals forget why I ran,” Taylor said, “To keep someone with a yellow shirt from being up here [on Council.]” (Members of Don’t Tread on Me often wear yellow t-shirts featuring the colonial Don’t Tread on Me snake image.)

“Where’s their [DTOM’s] plan?” Taylor added, reiterating a call made by Mayor Steven Morgan weeks earlier that asked for DTOM’s solution to the city’s trash and recycling dilemma.

Morgan said Wednesday that he looked forward to the recall process because it was likely to serve as DTOM’s “last gasp.”

Though DTOM will “paint black pictures of the council” in its attempts to discredit those on the dais “I look forward to it because when they lose it will be their last gasp,” Morgan said.