The city of Santa Clara was suited on Monday for the second time in five months by Cedar Fair, the owner of Great America.

The San Francisco 49ers professional football team hopes to build a new stadium on a city-owed parking lot currently leased by the theme park.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, “the suit alleges the environmental review for the $937 million project to build the San Francisco 49ers a new stadium doesn’t meet state standards, including failing to address a lack of parking for 17,000 of 20,000 cars expected on game days.”

“In a rush to woo the 49ers to Santa Clara, the city … prepared an environmental impact report that pays mere lip service to the California Environmental Quality Act,” reads the lawsuit filed in Santa Clara County Superior Court, according to the Chronicle.

A previous lawsuit against the city in December alleged that approving a term sheet before certifying an environmental impact report violated environmental law.