The City of Riverside recently increased the reward to $1,000 for reporting information that leads to the arrest of a graffiti vandal – two times the amount of previous reward.  

Reporting graffiti vandalism as soon as possible makes it easier for police to investigate the activity and the vandals, and is more likely to lead to an arrest.

According to Ward 7 Councilman Steve Adams, “The cost of graffiti to the community goes beyond the expense of paint and rollers to remove it”. 

Graffiti generates fear, can lower property values and sends a message that people of the community are not concerned about the appearance of their neighborhood.

The City’s goal is to increase the ability to arrest graffiti criminals and reward witnesses who report graffiti crime. 

The more information you provide in your report the better the chances your call will lead to an arrest and possible reward.  Call “911” to report graffiti in progress or “311” to report incidents of graffiti.  Calls and rewards can remain confidential.