The City Clerk’s Association of California named Shirley Concolino Clerk of the Year. Shirley has been the City of Sacramento’s City Clerk since 2003, prior to that she served as the City’s Mayor & Council Operations Manager for 13 years.  

“This award just reinforces what we already knew about Shirley. Her dedication and hard work has set a standard when it comes to being a public servant in Sacramento. I am honored to have Shirley working on the behalf of our city.” Mayor Kevin Johnson.

As a champion of technology and strong commitment to sustainability, Shirley has successfully implemented several noteworthy enhancements during the past year:

  • Citywide Content Management System (CCM) for archiving and retrieval of citywide records.
  • Digital delivery of the City Council Agenda and Council Staff Reports. By shifting to a digital delivery of the weekly agenda package the City is saves approximately 29,000 pages of printed materials monthly and at least $50,000 annually in printing and paper costs.
  • Created a City Clerk’s Office presence on Twitter, to advise the public in real time, of the actions taking place at City Council and other legislative meetings.
  • Implementation of eComment feature on City Council agendas to promote public input and interaction with the legislative process. 

Shirley is a respected member of the Municipal Clerk profession, attaining the designations of Certified Municipal Clerk and most recently Master Municipal Clerk in less than six years. Shirley is one of four charter officers of the City of Sacramento, is often asked to teach classes to Municipal Clerks, and serves as the 2nd Vice-President of the City Clerk’s Association of California.