Farrah McDaid Ting is CSAC’s Legislative Analyst for Health and Human Serivces. For more, visit The County Voice.

CSAC, along with a broad coalition of associations and child welfare groups, is working to bring Child Welfare and Foster Care Services back from the brink after the Governor vetoed $80 million in CWS funding last fall.

Counties can help give abused and neglected children a hand up by participating in the coalition’s quick and easy electronic postcard campaign. Simply visit www.protectourchildrenca.org and click on the button in the lower right corner that says “Governor Needs to Hear from You!” Then type in one reason or reasons why CWS funding is important to you, your community, and your county. Counties are urged to do so by July 30, and the e-postcards will be delivered to the Governor later this summer – or when a budget is completed – whichever comes first!

Just to put this cut into perspective, the Governor’s $80 million veto has ballooned into a $130 million total cut when lost federal funding is factored in. Because of the veto, social workers across the state have been let go, crisis response times have increased, and more children are waiting for health exams, court dates, and reunification services.

The members of both the Senate and Assembly have communicated their commitment to restoring this critical funding by including it in the current budget framework, but our work is not yet done. The critical juncture for our campaign will be the Governor’s desk, hence the postcards to the Governor campaign. For more information about the campaign and the impact of the veto, please visit www.protectourchildrenca.org.

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