In a sudden announcement, San Jose Police Chief Rob Davis announced on Monday his retirement after 30 years with the department.

Davis led a department that paved the way in transparency, providing online providing crime data as well as the testing of head-mounted cameras for officers.  Davis’ department also was among the first major cities to issue Taser guns to officers.

Davis said in his statement:

“I truly love this organization and this city, a city I have called home since I was 12 years old. … While exciting new opportunities and adventures await both me and my family, it is very clear to me that nothing will ever mean more to me personally from a professional standpoint than to have served as the Chief of Police in San Jose.”

The San Jose Mercury News reported following the announcement that Davis has been under fire in recent years for aggressive policing tactics and allegations of racial profiling against Latinos and that civil rights groups had called for him to resign.

The newspaper also reported that rumors have circulated that he was job hunting for a top spot within the larger U.S. police departments and was a finalist for the police chief position in Dallas but ultimately lost.

The announcement came on the anniversary of his 30th year with the department and that Davis can retire with a 90 percent pension. He can also look for a job elsewhere.