No one in there right mind would keep any ties to Bell’s city government.

That’s why officials from the city of Maywood are looking to fire Bell as the city that runs all their municipal operations. Bell was hired in late June to run operations for Maywood when city leaders opted to layoff all of the city’s employees and outsource city services.

Now, those leaders say they were unaware of the scandalous salaries in Bell, though former Maywood Interim City Manager Angela Spaccia, who was part of the decision to outsource to Bell, stepped down when it became known she was also being paid $376,288 a year as Assistant City Manager in Bell.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Maywood leaders are now looking for someone else to run the city’s operations.

“We’re caught in a situation where we need to move forward,” said Maywood Councilman Felipe Aguirre, according to the Times. “We don’t want to be distracted by things that are not germane to our city.”

More from the Times:

Aguirre said doesn’t want Maywood to “become a laughing stock of a city,” a term used to describe Bell by one of its own embarrassed council members.

On Monday night, the Maywood City Council met before an overflow crowd of upset residents waving signs criticizing the Bell partnership before adjourning to a closed session to try to sort things out. By late in the evening, the council had made few decisions.

Council critics and supporters muttered snide comments to each other in Spanish and English. A few residents supportive of the Maywood council majority expressed anger at the Bell residents who showed up at the meeting.

“Go to your own city to do your protest,” one Maywood resident said in Spanish amid a crescendo of catcalls and applause. “Mind your own business!”

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