A press “releazse” [sic] from the city of Bell on Wednesday announced that Interim Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)Pedro Carrillo and Interim City Attorney James Casso, were invited to brief State legislative leaders in a bipartisan meeting in Sacramento.  

The release reads:

They reported that an audit requested by the City of Bell conducted by Controller John Chiang revealed that residents were illegally charged higher property taxes for the past three years.  Bell City Council Members took quick action to lower Bell property taxes during a nine-hour city council meeting on Monday attended by hundreds of residents.  

Since current California law prevents affected property owners from receiving a property tax rebate, the City of Bell directed Carrillo and Casso to expeditiously seek a legislative solution to secure rebates.

“Bell residents deserve a refund and we are doing everything in our power to put money back in the pockets of the taxpayers who were wronged by the former Administration,” said Interim CAO Pedro Carrillo.  “We’re looking to our Legislative leaders to rise above Sacramento divisive politics and unite in an effort to secure immediate relief for Bell residents.”