I would love to hear some great ideas that are identical to mine.

That’s right; tell me exactly what I want to hear. Give it some oomph too. Exaggerate and bend those facts.

Now yell – show me you are passionate. Prove it to me.

You’re smart, just like me; nothing like those other idiots, who by the way, I never watch, listen or read. We are so right. I can’t wait to post this on my Facebook.

Damn, I love politics. I am so involved – didn’t you see my tweet about Obama? It was hilarious.

This is politics in America.

Preaching to the choir has always been a well-paid political gig, and now the song and dance is thriving more than ever.

Thanks to a growing number of aggressive pundits with contentious talking points crowding the print and online medium, cable news and talk radio, the nation has lost its way. Online arguments grow while true progress is impeded.

Does truth and balance even exist anymore?

Anyone who lives in the middle of the political extreme is simply drowned out in the yelling match.  Passion is one thing; unbridled hatred for “the other team” is another.

So please, stop yelling. Just stop. Save it for a professional wrestling match. (Please note that this entire column will be written without a single exclamation mark or the use of caps lock.)

The following YouTube clip is an example of exactly what is wrong with America’s “taking-sides” dynamic. This guy is a YouTube hit amongst his peers yet his vehement observations are lost in the screeching and therefore will never reach the opposition.

His style of violent discussion will never reach an opposing viewpoint. Those with differing opinions will quickly tune him out and tune in to a voice that buoys their own.

But what does Drunken Bob care? He doesn’t care about making the political machine function; he’s busy in the business of entertainment and selling mugs, t-shirts and ad space.

He’s an obnoxious joke and his rants are more scary than effective. I presume he understands his shtick is just good business and can’t possibly believe his opinion reaches anyone who doesn’t already agree. I tried to ask the guy, but he didn’t return my requests for an interview.

There’s plenty more in the same category. Keith Olbermann of MSNBC is a prime example. He is one of many who give their own version of the truth nightly to millions – always preaching to the left side of the choir.  Screw it though, right? Ratings are great.

The issues are made for T.V. The latest debate in popular culture is the dispute over a Mosque at Ground Zero. Gay marriage is always good for ratings. Michelle Obama went to Europe? It’s all good for business – and all complete semantics. Issues that aren’t partisan in nature are claimed by one side of the aisle and then handed down to be fought over.

Do we argue about the things that truly affect us? Nope.

How many “political minds” can name their city councilmember or county supervisor?

Apparently, trying to stimulate real change at a local level is too much actual work.

Yelling and arguing on Facebook is way more fun.

James Spencer can be reached at jspencer@publicceo.com