Stockton City Manager Bob Deis was attacked by a pair of loose pit bulls on Wednesday morning while walking his dog through his neighborhood, according to the Stockton Record.

The attack occurred around 6:30 a.m. when the pit bulls went to attack Deis’ Golden Retreiver puppy and, when Deis went to fight them off, was bit. Both Deis and his 5-month old retriever were treated for bite wounds.

Deis said that when he tried to fight them off, they attacked him, too. He said he pulled his puppy up off the ground by his leash, and a dog bit and hung on. Deis said he tried to swing the pit bull from its grip, slamming it into a parked car.

He said neighbors came to help him, and that police and a neighbor were able to locate the dogs and their owner, who live three or four blocks away.

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