Dan Oney, Editor

PublicCEO is and always will be a James Spencer success.

18 months ago, he decided that there was an audience that needed a service and he went after it. As he left and I assumed the role of Editor, I was humbled by the messages of support and thanks that I received on behalf of James.

There are 20,000 people who tune into PublicCEO each day. For many people, it is a daily source of relevant news. For others, it’s a resource for hiring and managing. But for James, it was a passion. I, too, wish him the best of luck. I’d also like to thank him for all of his work, and for entrusting me to bring his vision to the next level.

He asked me to write a “Welcome” message, and introduce myself. But I can’t do that. With so many people who have already bought-in to this idea of PublicCEO, I can only introduce myself and hope that you’ll welcome me into your daily routines.

I’m a writer by training and experience. I graduated from the University of Florida and ever since, I have pursued my passion for words, language, and writing.

This has been a journey that has taken me across the country. Through it, I met my fiancée and discovered love. She has tried to teach me her love of running.

She keeps trying, too.

We have a dog together, and I now understand how children can dominate your life, since this dog already dominates ours.

When it comes to PublicCEO, you can be sure that I would not have been entrusted with its future if I did not have a plan for its continued and improved success.

I plan to be more active and visible in the local government community. And I want to bring more readers and contributors into the PublicCEO community, too. You all meet multiple times a year, and you should expect us to have a presence. I want to engage you and learn how I can become more of a resource to you.

I plan to encourage discussion among counties by inviting more people to write guest columns. If I can help you speak to each other’s issues, I hope to help you overcome your challenges.

James was proud of the 2,131 stories published under his watch and he should be. But like Lou Gehrig’s record, every player who came around next hoped to break it. And I hope he’s as excited for the next 2,132 stories as I am.

It’s going to be a great ride and an exciting time. I’m looking forward to working with you, talking with you, and building PublicCEO’s future with you all.


Dan Oney