Proposition 19 has the ability to fudementally alter the drug debate in California. Most of the new conversations would take place at the local level deciding regulations, zoning, taxation, enforcement or a variety of other issues that the intiative leaves to cities and counties.

From The Orange County Register:

If the side effects of Proposition 19 – the one legalizing pot – seem a little hazy to you, you’re not alone.

Opponents of the measure argue that even if you want marijuana legalized, Prop. 19 is slapdash and ambiguous when it comes to details, and you should wait for something better.

After all, if you like to smoke the illicit herb, you probably aren’t having much trouble finding it under current laws – something Prop. 19 backers point out when they compare current pot laws to the U.S. prohibition on alcohol. They say Prop. 19 may not be perfectly written, but would reduce criminal involvement while providing new tax revenue.

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