The Alameda Fire Chief resigned on Friday, although speculation is that the City Council was preparing to fire him.

Chief David Kapler has been on administrative leave for the last two months after accusations were made that he misused department gas pumps for use on private vehicles.

But don’t think he’s walking away with nothing. Although there wasn’t a severance package, his contract guaranteed him health coverage for life, after just three years of service.

From the Alameda Patch:

Alameda Fire Chief David Kapler resigned on Friday, Mayor Beverly Johnson confirmed this morning.

Kapler had been on administrative leave since Sept. 2, when questions were raised about his use of fire department gas pumps for personal vehicles.

City officials also questioned why his contract with the previous city manager, Debra Kurita, had not been ratified by the City Council. And Major Johnson said she believes Kurita exceeded her authority. The resignation was first reported on The Island this morning.

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