In 2005, the problem was people building too large of a home on a lot. Coronado’s small town feel depended upon a responsible balance between a lot and a house, meaning that a 6,000 square foot lot shouldn’t have a 5,000 square foot house built upon it.

Now, the city will examine the effectiveness of that ordinance.

I suspect they’ll discover that people building too large of houses is a less-severe problem today than it was in the hieght of the housing bubble.

From the San Diego Union-Tribune:

Coronado will hold a public hearing Tuesday to discuss proposed changes to zoning rules that were adopted in 2005 after residents complained that oversized homes on small lots were impacting the city’s quality of life and village atmosphere.

A citizens committee was formed five years ago and proposed 21 changes to residential codes, a majority of which were adopted. Some included increasing the required open space around homes and reducing the portion of a lot on which a house can be built, based on a sliding scale and size of the lot.

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