If a change makes no difference, why make it? 

In Butte County, a change in land use ordinances could make them reflect how the land is currently being used. At least that’s the argument being made by Supervisor Steve Lambert.

In his district, nearly 6,000 acres are subject to a 20-acre minimum parcel size. But there have been homes in the area with 5 or fewer acres. So Supervisor Lambert is looking to change the law to reflect what his district looks like.

But residents are skeptical.

From the Chico Enterprise-Record:

When does a change make no difference?

The answer, according to a Butte County supervisor, is when the change just reflects the way things really are.

Supervisor Steve Lambert, whose 4th District includes most of the southwest corner of the county, probably didn’t realize the hornet’s nest he was going to stir up when he encouraged a change of land use designations for nearly 6,000 acres involving about 75 parcels spread from the Palermo area to south of Gridley.

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