The Federal Government has warned the LAPD about racial profiling in their department. 

The issue arose after a few incidents of officers admitting to using racial profiling, and their admissions were recorded.

The warning speficially mentioned that the department’s investigations of the allegations of profiling, and there are normally about 250 per year, only go through the motions. But Chief Charlie Beck says that the practice is not widespread in the department.

From The Oakland Tribune:

The federal government has warned the Los Angeles Police Department to do more to combat racial profiling by officers, saying the LAPD’s investigations into the practice are inadequate.

In a letter to city and police officials, the U.S. Department of Justice cites a recording of two officers being dismissive of racial profiling complaints, the Los Angeles Times reported Sunday.

When told that other officers had been accused of stopping a motorist because of his race, one officer responds, “So, what?” The second officer is heard twice saying that he “couldn’t do (his) job without racially profiling.”

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