In the wake of Bell, everyone was clamoring to see more transparency in salaries. San Luis Obispo numbers are now available, and the local paper there didn’t resist in writing about the top 50.

When I viewed their article, what I noticed is that there were no outrageous salaries, simply astronomical overtime fees. What do I mean? Well, doubling a salary (or more) with overtime is a bit over-the-top to me. 

And please take the time to read the editor’s note at the bottom of their article. 

From the San Luis Obispo Tribune:

A list of the 50 top-paid city employees for the last two fiscal years in San Luis Obispo shows that about 85 percent are firefighters and police officers – many of them pushed there by overtime pay. The rest are top managers.

In 2009-10, the salary range of the 50 top-paid employees was $123,697 to $160,394. In 2008-09 the range was $123,366 to $191,911. All figures included overtime costs but excluded other compensation, such as contributions to health and pension plans.

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