It should always have been the point: doing as much as possible with as little as possible.

But back when tax revenues were flowing freely, that mentality was lost. Instead, now we have a system where municipal employees are trying to get by with similar programming for less.

That job is especially difficult for city planners, whose jobs exist to do more. Now they’re trying to do more with less.

In Los Angeles, where budgets are huge and so are the demands for development, that challenge could be daunting. But looking at the “Blueprint 2010-11” you’d never know it.

In four months on the job, Planning Director Michael LoGrande has been able to adapt his job to this newly rediscovered role, and even garner some support for new approaches to old programs.

From the Daily News:

Four months after he was hired, Planning Director Michael LoGrande has boiled down his new vision for the department to a simple mantra: Doing more with less.

LoGrande has released a new document calling for changes that include streamlining the city permitting process, working better with neighborhood councils and improving community input.

“The Planning Department faces the challenge of doing more for Los Angeles, but with fewer resources,” LoGrande said in the document.

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